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We welcome you to Angstom Biotech Pvt. Ltd. The rapidly changing field of laboratory medicine extends the definition of accuracy and precision of diagnostic kits. We at Angstom Biotech Pvt. Ltd. realize and accept this change. Our team of dedicated biotechnologists blend their expertise and experience with a careful assessment of your expectations. Our products will therefore offer you consistent Quality with COMPLETE SATISFACTION test after test and kit after kit.
We take the pleasure of introducing Angstom a venture of committed and dedicated team of biotechnologists.
We at Angstom are engaged in the task of manufacturing indigenously top Quality diagnostic kits. Our kits offer the Quality performance, which equals if not betters foreign names, at indian prices. we have FDA approval for manufacturing. Our manufacturing unit is designed according to new FDA GMP guide lines and conforms to the conditions laid down in the Factory's act 1948.
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