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Alkaline Phosphatase reagent
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Angstrom Measurement Angstrom Measurement------------------------------------
Angstrom Measurement
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Angstrom means the ultimate precise unit of measurement.  
Angstrom Biotech Angstrom is a science-based, high quality manufacturer and marketer of in vitro diagnostic reagents and kits for in vitro diagnostic pathological use. Angstrom Biotech
Angstrom Biotech Our customers demand precise results for their diagnosis, test after test. Each of our products are definitive diagnostics with distinctive technology which gives results equals the measurement of angstrom with the ultimate precision.
Angstrom Biotech Angstrom Biotech is a venture promoted by proven entrepreneurs and technocrats.
Angstrom Biotech Within a span of just ten years, our company has earned the complete trust of customers through
distinct product range distinct product range
maintaining consistent high quality maintaining consistent high quality
excellent supply chain
marketing team that is technically and professionally capable marketing team that is technically and professionally capable
super customer service super customer service
maintaining financial robustness maintaining financial robustness
people development through training people development through training
investment in R&D investment in R&D
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